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Grand Lake is surrounded by breathtaking National Parks and Forests on all sides. These are a must-visit while you're in town, not the least of which is the Rocky Mountain National Park whose west entrance is in Grand Lake. Whether you want to spend a day hiking and biking or you just want to enjoy a relaxing picnic on some of the scenic spots, there are plenty of options to choose from and plenty of memories to be made at any of the near by parks and forests. 
You can choose your mode of tranpsortation to curate your experience as well. ATV and horseback riding are great unique experiences in the summer while you may opt to take a snowmobile tour in the winter. You'll no doubt get plenty of social media-worthy photos as well as a great time with your entire family. Browse through some of the parks to see what they offer and then book your Grand Lake vacation rental today to be right in the heart of all the adventure.